3 Steps to an Organized Closet for Fall


It's that time of year, when we need to get out our cool-weather clothes and put away our summer clothes. This can seem like a big task, but if you are organized and methodical you can get through it pretty quickly. Plus, a well-organized closet now will make the same task in reverse easier next spring. Store your summer clothes. Pack all your … [Read more...]

Head Out for a Night of Country Fun at Cowboys

Cowboys Orlando

Are you seeking a fun night out on the town? For great music and lots of dancing, head to Cowboys Orlando. Spanning more than 20,000 square feet, this massive nightclub has plenty of space for you to spread out and enjoy yourself. Practice your line dancing or a little do-se-do. If you prefer to play games, challenge your friends to billiards. Cowboys … [Read more...]

Eat Healthy at the Dendelion Communitea Cafe

The Dandelion Communitea Cafe boasts some of the tastiest vegetarian cuisine found around your Orlando apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Are you looking for a fresh and healthy dining option? Enjoy organic cuisine at its finest by checking out Dandelion Communitea Cafe. Serving delicious vegetarian cuisine and loose leaf teas, Dandelion is a community staple. In addition to dining, the restaurant also plays host to fantastic events, such as poetry nights, art openings, and potluck … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Your Older Dog May Be Refusing to Eat

If your dog consistently refuses to eat, then you should consider consulting a local veterinarian.  Source: morgueFile

As dogs get older, they can sometimes loose their appetite. Here are three reasons why this may occur. Loss of appetite can be an early sign of an illness. If your older dog suddenly starts eating less, it is best to consult your veterinarian. This can be particularly troublesome if combined with other symptoms, such as diarrhea, vomiting, or … [Read more...]

3 Biceps Curls for Strong Arms in the Fitness Center

Here are some bicep exercises that you can practice at the modern fitness center here at your Orlando apartment community.

The fitness center at our apartment community is a great place to get in shape. Get super strong arms by trying out these three moves in our fitness center. For a bicep blast, start by laying on a slightly inclined bench holding a dumbbell in each hand. Your arms should be hanging at your side with your palms facing one another. Then, raise your arms up … [Read more...]